Retirement Planning and Real-Estate Management Training


The purpose of the training is to 1. Assist prospective retirees in preparing their Personal Retirement Plan for a healthy, secure and fulfilling life upon retirement. 2.  Create awareness ofchallenges in life after retirement. 3. Assist retirees to make a smooth transition from their current working lifestyle to that of life after retirement 4. Equip retirees with enough information on managing important aspects of their lifestyle. 5. Overcome anxiety and concerns about this major change in their lives 6. Identify issues that need to be addressed for a fulfilling retirement. 7. Approach retirement positively and enthusiastically as an event to be looked forward to, welcomed and enjoyed. 8. Prepare a Personal Retirement Plan for practical implementation. 9. Focus on Property Management as a career, profession or business to be profitably engaged in upon retirement.

For Whom: Retirees and Prospective Retirees, especially who desire to focus on Property Management as a career, profession or business upon retirement. 

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