Healthcare Administration Course


The healthcare industry is constantly changing. With changes in the political landscape, funding, policy and regulations, our leaders need to be equipped to lead and manage within the complex landscape of healthcare. Employees who possess the knowledge and leadership skills acquired in Healthcare Administration are able to successfully navigate through these complex challenges. Among other things, you will learn: 1) How to use management and leadership frameworks, theories, and case studies to address complex issues in healthcare organizations. 2) Evidence-based methods for planning, organizing, leading, and advocating for patients, families and communities in the public health sector. 3) How to manage the economic environment in healthcare. 4) Financial Management techniques to prepare budgets, financial forecasts, assess investment alternatives, and leverage capital structures within healthcare organizations.

For Whom:

CEO, COOs, CFOs, Administrators and other senior managers of public and private health maintenance organizations (HMOs), hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, doctors' offices, etc.

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