Project Management Training


Making missed deadlines, budget over-runs, missed deliverables, unsatisfied customers, unrealistic expectations and negative scope-creep a thing of the past will take more than Microsoft Project or any other project management software. At the end of this program participants will be able to: (1) Eliminate the sleepless nights spent worrying about looming deadlines. (2) Juggle multiple projects with ease without dropping balls. (3) Reduce overall project cost while increasing quality. (4) Plan better & fail less. (5) Explore the three most common causes of project failure and how to insure you don’t fall victim. (6) Prioritize and plan to get more done every day with less stress. (7) Explore common project management tools like Gantt, PERT and Resource Load Sheets that can make your projects more efficient. Whether you are a Certified Project Manager responsible for dozens of projects or only manage an occasional project of any sort, you need the cutting-edge advantages already enjoyed by others who are attending this practical project management training.

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