Management Consulting Training


Changes in the domestic economy, the economies and politics of other countries, social legislation and the impact of new technologies all bring challenges and opportunities calling for knowledge and expertise not always readily available within an organization. To meet these challenges and grasp the opportunities, organizations often call in Management Consultants to undertake specific assignments as part of good management practice. The purpose of this program is to explore the role of a professional consultant. It considers the skills, knowledge and professional behaviour required by an effective consultant. It looks at ethical standards and codes of conduct and will give you a framework to evaluate your current knowledge, skills and behaviour to plan your future development. For: Those responsible for change within their organization who want to know the pre?requisites for successful project delivery; those involved in consultancy projects; those involved in supply chain improvement activity; those wanting an introduction to the skills and knowledge needed in the field of management consultancy; and those wanting to broaden their management skills for facilitating change.

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