Comprehensive Course on Internal Control, Compliance, Governance and Risk Management


This program provides participants the opportunity to: (1) Gain a positive, firm and broad-based understanding of internal control and control models; (2) Analyze and evaluate existing or planned control systems and enterprise-wide risk management; (3) Design cost-effective control systems to minimize risks for business processes; (4) Identify business objectives, risks and the controls needed to mitigate risk; (5) Learn and apply the most useful internal control, compliance, governance & risk tools and templates; and (6) Obtain a basic of the who, why and how of fraud as well as the role of business controls in preventing and detecting fraud. For ALL levels of Internal Control and Audit staff, Compliance Officers, Enterprise Risk Managers, Members of Audit Committee of the Board and anyone in the organization wanting to acquire “real world” knowledge of controls or to improve ability to design and analyze control systems in Companies, Universities, Colleges, Government Agencies, NGOs, etc.

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