Advanced Operational Risk Management Training in the Aviation Sector


The aviation industry is both complex and unique. The demands on employees are great and, in many cases, the requirements are not accurately communicated to upper management. The Operational Risk Management (ORM) approach will give your safety program the tools and methods necessary to meet the requirements of a Safety Management System (SMS) for identifying and controlling risk. This program introduces Risk Management as a systems-based approach that focuses on the identification of hazards involved in each aspect of the operation, whether it involves aircraft flight operations, cockpit procedures, aircraft maintenance, turn-around, ticketing, scheduling, or baggage handling. Operational Risk Management formalizes this approach by implementing a logic-driven process to analyze the degree of risk associated with identified hazards, recommending Risk-based solutions, and monitoring the effectiveness of these solutions. For Senior safety officers who want more effective, realistic approach to safety program management and to develop an effective safety management system; Senior level managers and supervisors who have responsibility for controlling risk in the aviation sector.

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