ICT/Emerging Technology/Security Courses

image 01 Nov, 2021

Incident Response for Business Professionals (IRBIZ) Training

IRBIZ covers incident response methods and procedures which are taught in alignment with industry fr

image 01 Nov, 2021

Artificial Intelligence for Business Professionals (AIBIZ) Training

AIBIZ offers business leaders, project managers, and other stakeholders with a streamlined course an

image 01 Nov, 2021

Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP) Training

CAIP and the corresponding training program is designed for information technology practitioners ent

image 08 Nov, 2021

Data Science for Business Professionals (DSBIZ) Training

DSBIZ offers business leaders, sales and marketing managers, project managers, and other stakeholder

image 08 Nov, 2021

Big Data Analytics Course

Data science plays an important role in many industries. In facing massive amount of heterogeneous d

image 22 Nov, 2021

CyberSec First Responder (CFR) Certification Training

CFR is a comprehensive certification designed to validate the knowledge and skills required to prote

image 29 Nov, 2021

Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP) Training

IT professionals often have little or no experience working with embedded systems, sensor networks,

image 06 Dec, 2021

Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist (CEET) Training

CEET is designed for individuals seeking to demonstrate a vendor neutral, cross-industry, and multid

image 06 Dec, 2021

CyberSafe Certification Training

CyberSAFE™ will enable candidates to identify the most common risks involved in using conventional